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TurboTax FAQ
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How do I enter a T5013?

Note: Some boxes on the T5013 slip are either non-taxable or are automatically calculated by TurboTax according to the CRA's guidelines.

If you have an amount in a box that TurboTax doesn’t show, the amount is for your information only; it does not need to be entered in TurboTax for your taxes to calculate accurately.

Entering your T5103:

  1. Select Find in the upper-right hand corner.
  2. Type T-slips and then select Go.
  3. On the Entering Your Federal T-Slips list, check the box T5013 - Statement of partnership income.
  4. Select Continue and step through your return until you reach the T5013 step.

If you're preparing returns for you and your spouse/partner at the same time and indicated that both spouses had this type of slip, select which taxpayer's slip to enter first.
For more details on each of the amounts on your T5013 slip, see the CRA’s form T5013-INST.