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TurboTax FAQ
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In the online edition of TurboTax, how do I use a prepayment code?

Important: You don’t need a prepayment code to pay for your return. If you type anything in the prepayment field, TurboTax will display an error message asking for your prepayment code. If you don’t have a code, close the window by selecting x in the upper-right area of the pop-up window, then try again.


You can enter your prepayment code when TurboTax prompts you to pay for your return.

Instructions for TurboTax 2018 from the Your order summary step

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1. Enter your pre-payment code in the blank field below Do you have a pre-payment or activation code?

Note: Don’t put a space before the first number or after the last number of the code – this will make your code appear invalid.

2. Select Apply Code.

3. Select Continue.

4. Complete the fields on the Edit your info step, then select Continue.

5. On the Confirm your info step, select Continue.

6. On the Order receipt step, select Close.

TurboTax takes you back to the Just a few steps left and we’ll file your return step. Payment is complete.



To jump directly to the payment section of your TurboTax return

1. In the upper-right area of TurboTax, select Find.

Note: The Find option becomes available after you’ve completed the Setting up section of your return.

2. In the Find window, type “CRA.”

3. From the list of results, select CRA Online Mail, then select Go.

4. Follow the instructions below, depending on which version you’re using:

  • TurboTax 2018: On the Just a few steps left and we'll file your return step, select the Start button next to Review your order.
  • TurboTax 2017: On the Pay and Prepare to File step, select Proceed to Checkout.

The Your order summary pop-up appears.




Note: The amount associated with your prepayment code is subtracted from the total amount you owe. If you still have an amount owing after you’ve applied your code, you’ll need to pay the remaining balance before you can print or file your return.


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