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As a married taxpayer, is it better to file my tax return together with my spouse, or separately?

There can be several benefits and detriments in choosing how to file your return as a married taxpayer, but we recommend that you prepare your returns together for the following reasons:

  • The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires each taxpayer to file their own return, meaning even if you are married, you must submit your own individual tax return.
  •  In most cases, it is more efficient to prepare a "coupled" return when using TurboTax, which allows information for both spouses to be entered and prepared simultaneously. This benefits you by maximizing your deductions and credits, giving you the ability to transfer amounts between spouses (such as tuition or disability), and have information calculated automatically.
  • By preparing a coupled return, two returns will be generated - one for you and one for your spouse - not a single "joint" return. Each return must be submitted to CRA, either through CRA's NETFILE service or by printing and mailing.

Note:  Whether you prepare separate returns or prepare both returns together in TurboTax, you must declare your spouse’s income.

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