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As a student, what deductions, credits, and expenses can I claim on my tax return?

You might be able to claim some of the following items on your tax return as a student:

  • Tuition tax credit: Claim this credit if you paid $100 or more in tuition for courses you took at a post-secondary educational institution and for occupational skills courses you took at a designated institution.
  • Provincial education tax credit: Claim provincial education credit if your province of residence is British Columbia (tax year 2018 is the last year this credit is available for BC), Alberta, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Nunavut, or Northwest Territories. You need a completed T2202A or TL11 form to claim this credit.
  • Scholarship exemption: While scholarships and other academic awards are considered taxable income, you might be able to claim exemptions that will help lower your
  • Moving Expenses: Claim moving expenses if you studied at a post-secondary institution full-time, moved at least 40 kilometers closer to your school, and received scholarships, bursaries or other prizes that were included in your taxable income.
  • Childcare expenses: You might be eligible to claim childcare expenses if you paid someone to look after your child so you could go to school.
  • Interest paid on a student loan: This is a non-refundable tax credit that can only be claimed by the student, regardless of who applied for the loan and/or paid the interest on it.
  • Canada employment credit: If you have income from employment, TurboTax automatically claims this credit for you.

Available in previous tax years (2017 or earlier)

Public Transit expenses: Tax year 2016 is the last year you can claim your expenses for public transit passes as a non-refundable credit. For tax year 2017, you can claim only the amount you paid for monthly passes from January 1, 2017, to June 30, 2017.

Education and textbook amounts: Tax year 2016 is the last year you can claim the education and textbook amounts. Note: Some provinces continue to provide an education tax credit, as described above in the section titled Provincial education tax credit. Yukon continues to provide a textbook credit.

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