TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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Where do I enter T4, T5, and other T-slips?

1. From the top-right of your screen, select Find* and type “t-slips” into the search field.

2. Select T-Slips from the options that appear, and then select Go.

TurboTax displays a list of T-slips (and Relevé slips, if your province of residence is Québec).

3. Select your slips from the list, and then select Continue.

4. Follow the instructions on each screen to enter the information from your slips.

  • Québec residents: Many Relevé slips have a corresponding T-Slip (for example, Relevé 1 and T4, Relevé 3 and T5.) When you complete the T-Slip screen, TurboTax automatically transfers the relevant information to the corresponding Relevé slips screen. Review the Relevé slip screen carefully. If TurboTax has already transferred the information, do not enter it a second time.


Note: To edit an amount or delete a slip, navigate back to the spot where you entered it. 

 *If you don’t see the Find button, you may not have completed the Setting Up/Introduction step of your return. Continue through the Setting Up/Introduction step until the Find button appears.

Tip: If you need additional information about specific slips, try these links:



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