TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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Where do I enter T4, T5, and other T-slips?

1. Select the image of the magnifying glass (or Find) in the upper-right area of TurboTax.

2. Enter “t-slips” in the Find window.

3. Select T-Slips from the list of results, and then select Go.

The Income Slips step (or Entering your federal T-slips step) appears.

4. Select your slips from the list, and then select Continue.

Note for Québec residents: Many Relevé slips have a corresponding T-slip (as listed on the Income Slips step). Select the corresponding T-slip.

5. Follow the instructions on each step to enter the information from your slips.

Note for Québec residents: When you complete the T-slip step, TurboTax automatically transfers the relevant information to the corresponding Relevé slip, which appears after the T-slip step in TurboTax. Review the Relevé step carefully; if TurboTax has already transferred the information, don’t enter it a second time.



Note: To edit an amount or delete a slip, navigate back to the spot where you entered it. 

Tip: For more information about specific slips, try the links below:




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