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TurboTax FAQ
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Can I install multiple copies of TurboTax to file more tax returns from my computer?

No. You can’t install more than one copy of TurboTax on your computer for the same tax year. To file more tax returns than the number of tax returns included in your copy of TurboTax, see our FAQ: How can I buy additional tax returns?

Note: You can install TurboTax for different tax years on the same computer. For example, if you install TurboTax for tax year 2017, you can still install TurboTax for other tax years, like 2016, 2015, and so on. However, you cannot install another copy of TurboTax for tax year 2017 on that same computer.

If you buy multiple copies of TurboTax for the same tax year, you can use the installation key from those copies to increase the number of tax returns you can file from your installed copy, up to a maximum of 20 returns per computer.

Tax return limit per computer: For each tax year, you can only file a maximum of 20 tax returns per computer. So, for a certain tax year, if you install TurboTax on a computer and then purchase more tax returns or use additional TurboTax installation keys, you can increase the number of tax returns possible to be filed from that computer to be only up to this limit (that is, 20).

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