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TurboTax FAQ

What is NetFile Québec?

NetFile Québec is Revenu Québec’s service for submitting your Québec tax return online (instead of printing and filing by mail). The service is only available through third-party software such as TurboTax.

If you want to submit your tax return online through TurboTax, you can choose the NetFile Québec option and TurboTax will submit your return to Revenu Québec.


Benefits of using NetFile Québec

  • Faster refunds
  • Secure
  • Immediate confirmation that Revenu Québec has received your tax return
  • Your return is processed faster because certain steps (such as mailing and manual processing) are eliminated


NetFile Québec restrictions

NetFile Québec is not for everyone, and it is not for all tax situations.

You cannot use NetFile Québec if:

  • You’ve already filed your tax return successfully
  • Your social insurance number (SIN) begins with 9, and you do not have an existing income tax return that has been processed
  • You or your spouse do not have a social insurance number (SIN), but have a temporary identification number that begins with 0
  • You declared bankruptcy during the tax year or the year after
  • You were not a resident of Québec during the tax year
  • Your address is outside Québec
  • Your only address is a P.O. box
  • You were not a resident of Canada throughout the tax year
  • Your spouse is not a resident of Canada

For a more detailed list of NetFile Québec restrictions, see the Revenue Québec website:


NetFile Québec availability

You can see when NetFile Québec is available by checking Revenu Québec’s website.



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