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TurboTax FAQ
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I need to enter my spouse’s income amount and they need to enter mine. How do we know what the income amounts on line 236 are if we haven’t done our tax returns yet?

Your spouse's net income for the tax year is required to calculate certain spousal credits.

First, you should determine whose return to prepare first.

Most spousal amounts don’t apply if your spouse’s net income exceeds approximately $15,000. So, if one of you has a net income close to or under $15,000, you should prepare the return of that person first.

If you’re confident your spouse’s income is well above $15,000, enter an estimate of their income, but be aware that certain amounts, such as childcare expenses, must be reported on the return of the person with the lower income.

If you choose to prepare your returns together at the same time, TurboTax can automatically optimize credits and deductions between you.


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