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TurboTax FAQ
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How do I pay for my tax return in the online edition of TurboTax?

You can pay for your tax return in the File step. The option to pay only becomes available once you complete the Intro (personal information) and Profile steps.

Note: You need to pay for your tax return before you can print or file your return.


At any point after you complete the Intro and the Profile steps, you can pay for your tax return by jumping to the File step. However, you might find it beneficial to complete all the steps in the sequence that TurboTax walks you through to arrive at the payment step (as part of the sequence). If you need to print your tax return before completing all the steps, follow the instructions below to jump to the Payment step. This will allow you to pay for your tax return and gain immediate access to the Print function.

If you’re using the online edition of free TurboTax products to complete your tax return:

  • TurboTax Free for tax year 2017: You don’t have to pay, but you still have to go through the Payment step to get to the print option or to use NETFILE.
  • TurboTax Free for tax year 2016 or 2015: There are no steps related to payment. You can print and file after you complete the Review step.

Pay for your tax return

Before you begin, ensure that the TurboTax navigation bar is visible at the top.

  1. Depending on the tax return you need to pay for, if you aren’t already signed in to TurboTax, sign in to the year of the tax return you need to pay for:
  2. After you sign in, TurboTax lists all of your tax returns. This is called the Return Manager. If you are not on this step, do the following to go to Return Manager:
    1. From the upper-right corner, select Tools.
    2. On the menu that appears, select Return Manager.
    3. On the Return Manager, to open the tax return that you want to pay for, select Continue.

    TurboTax displays the step where you left off the last time you used TurboTax.

  3. On the horizontal navigation bar, from the upper-right corner, select File, and then, on the menu that appears, select CRA Online Mail.Note:
    • The navigation bar is visible only if you completed at least the Intro (personal information) and the Profile
    • Tax year 2016: If the navigation bar is not visible on the step you’re on, move through the steps until you get to a step that has the navigation bar.

    The Pay and Prepare to File step appears.

  4. On the Pay and Prepare to File step, from the lower-left area, select Proceed to checkout.

    TurboTax displays your order sub total (your total price for using TurboTax to complete your tax return and any additional products/services that you selected, excluding taxes).

  5. Review the Order Summary section, and then select Continue.TurboTax prompts you to enter your billing and credit card information.
  6. Enter the required information. Then, from the lower-right corner, select Continue.

    TurboTax prompts you to confirm your information.

  7. On the confirmation step, check to make sure that the information you entered is accurate. If the information is correct, select Continue.

    TurboTax displays your Order Receipt.

  8. On the Order Receipt step, if you would like to print a copy of the receipt for your records, select Print, and then complete the instruction to print out the receipt.
  9. Select Close.

    TurboTax returns to the Pay and Prepare to File step and shows that the payment is complete. You can now proceed to file and/or print your tax return.

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