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TurboTax FAQ
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What is ReFILE?

ReFILE is a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) service that enables you to electronically submit changes to a tax return that you filed previously using NETFILE.

Note for Québec residents: TurboTax does not have the ReFILE service available for residents of Québec.

In TurboTax, the ReFILE service is available for the current tax year (2018) and the last tax year (2017). Note that for tax year 2017, there's a $5 service fee.

On the page in TurboTax that lists all of your tax returns, the ReFILE button appears only next to tax returns that are eligible for the ReFILE service.

We guide you through the steps necessary to make changes to your previously filed tax return and submit using ReFILE.

Restrictions: You can use ReFILE to submit only certain types of changes to your tax return. Some situations exclude you from using ReFILE. For more details, visit CRA’s page on conditions and exclusions for using ReFILE.


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