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How do I fix NETFILE error code 95507?

SOLVEDby TurboTax5Updated July 30, 2022

You'll receive the following error code when filing your NETFILE return if you entered (or the software generated an entry for), Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) earned income information on the RRSP worksheet.

Make sure the amount you reported on the RRSP worksheet is also included on one of the following lines of the return:

  • Line 13500 - net business income
  • Line 13700 - net professional income
  • Line 13900 - net commission income
  • Line 14100 - net farming income
  • Line 14300 - net fishing income

Additionally, you might also receive this error code if the CRA thinks you’ve made an error when entering information related to your capital gains or property. To address this issue in TurboTax, follow the steps provided:

  • If you've received a T4A reporting a self-employment income, report the income on the T2125 form
  • Check the field Income reported due to the gains on the disposition of eligible capital property from a business you carried alone or as an active partner. Do this where you entered your income and self-employment information
    • If the entry is correct, then enter your self-employment income (business, professional, commission, farming or fishing income)
    • If there's an entry here but you were not self-employed, remove the entry

If you're still unable to resolve the issue and the error code persists, Contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for additional help.

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