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What do I type to find a slip or credit in TurboTax Online?

SOLVEDby TurboTax2167Updated 1 year ago

From time to time, you may come across instances where very specific search terms are required to locate the form/content you're looking for within TurboTax. Though these instances are rare, we've compiled a short list of common forms, credits, and amounts for you, along with the specific search term needed to receive maximum results:

  1. Look in the table below for the tax slip/credit/item you want to find
  2. Copy the corresponding text and paste it into the Find window in TurboTax
  3. In TurboTax, select the item from the list of search results, then select Go
  4. If the item you’re looking for isn’t listed below, contact TurboTax Support
  • Charitable donations and tax receipts (including gifts): Type, donations profile
  • Dues you paid to be a member of a union or professional association: Type, union or professional dues
  • First-time home buyers’ amount: Type, payments profile
  • Sale of your main residence: Type, principal residences
  • Capital gains and losses: Type, capital gains or capital gains deduction profile
  • Rental income: Type, rental properties
  • Canada Caregiver Amount: Type, caregiver tax credit
  • Medical expenses (such as prescription drugs or dental work): Type, medical expenses profile
  • Spousal support income: Type, payments profile
  • Ontario Seniors’ Public Transit Credit: Type, RRSPs
  • RRSP contributions and deductions: Type, RRSPs
  • Carrying forward unused tuition and education amounts: Type, tuition fees carry-forward
  • Scholarship income: Type, scholarship (T4A)
  • Student loan interest: Type, students
  • Transferring tuition from a child/dependant: Type, tuition amount transfer
  • T1032 - Split your pension income with your spouse: Type, pension split with your spouse
  • T2038: Type, investment tax credit
  • T2042 - Farming income: Type, farming activities
  • T2121 - Fishing income: Type, fishing activities
  • T2125 - Business expenses (such as utility bills or internet) : Type, self-employment business or professional activities
  • T2209 - Federal foreign tax credits: Type, foreign tax credit
  • T5008: Type, T5008 securities transactions
  • T5013: Type, partnership income reported/not reported
  • T3: Type, T3 mutual fund/trust income allocations and designations
  • T4: Type, T4 employment income
  • T4A: Type, T4A pension, retirement, annuity
  • T4A (OAS): Type, T4A(OAS) old age security
  • T4A(P): Type, T4A(P) Canada pension plan benefits
  • T4E: Type, T4E employment insurance benefits
  • T4RIF: Type, T4RIF income from a registered retirement income fund
  • T4RSP: Type, T4RSP income from an RRSP
  • T5: Type, T5 investment income

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