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Error message: Invalid characters when trying to use NETFILE

SOLVEDby TurboTax10Updated January 19, 2022

There may be times when you encounter an error message while filing your return using NETFILE. Often these are minor issues (such as typos or incorrect submissions) that can be fixed relatively quickly.

One of the most common errors is entries that NETFILE considers to have invalid characters. These can be in the form of formatting or grammar/punctuation and are often easily fixable. For more information, read the NETFILE eligibility page on the CRA website.

The CRA considers the following characters invalid:

  • A space ( ) as the first or last character of a name or postal code
  • A period (.) as the first character of a name or address
  • A number as part of a name or province
  • A hyphen (-) as part of a province
  • An apostrophe (') as part of a province
  • A forward slash or backslash (\/) as part of a name or province
  • An ampersand (&) as part of a name, city, or province
  • A diacritic character as part of a province
  • Brackets ( ) as part of a name or care of line
  • A pound sign (#) as part of a name, care of line, city, or province
  • An asterisk (*)

To address this issue, remove any invalid characters in your TurboTax return from you or your spouse/common-law partner's name, address, province, care of line, and postal code, then resubmit your return through the NETFILE service in TurboTax.

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