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Which file on my computer has the information I entered in TurboTax CD/Download?

SOLVEDby TurboTax15Updated January 31, 2022

When you save your information in TurboTax CD/Download for tax year 2021, the info is stored in a file with the extension tt21. For example, if Darcy Doe uses TurboTax to complete their 2021 tax return, the information is saved in the Darcy.tt21 file.

Similarly, if Darcy enters only some of their tax information and intends to complete the tax return later, when they save their information before closing TurboTax, the information is stored in the Darcy.tt21 file.

In other words, after you enter your information in TurboTax and save it, TurboTax creates a file on your computer with the extension ttyy, where yy represents the last two digits of the tax year. We refer to this file as the tax data file.

Note: For printing and future reference, consider saving a PDF copy of your tax return.

Individual tax returns: By default, TurboTax names your tax data file using your first name, based on the information you entered in your tax return. For example, for tax year 2021, if Darcy Doe saves their tax return using the default name chosen by TurboTax, the tax data file is named Darcy.tt21.

Coupled tax returns: For married or common-law couples who are filing a joint or coupled return, the default file name is made up of each individual's first name connected by &. So, if Darcy Doe is married or in a common-law partnership with Taylor Smith, they're filing a coupled or joint return, and they save their tax return using the default name chosen by TurboTax, the tax data file is named Darcy&Taylor.tt21.

By default, TurboTax saves your tax data files in the Documents folder on your computer. The specific folder location is C:Users<user_name>DocumentsTurboTax<YYYY>, where <user name> is your Windows and <YYYY> represents the tax year.

For example, Darcy Doe's Windows username is ddoe and they're looking for their 2021 tax return. If they saved their tax return to the default location, it'll be located at C:UsersddoeDocumentsTurboTax2021.

Tax data files from tax year 2009 or prior: Before tax year 2010, TurboTax was called QuickTax. Tax returns created in QuickTax for tax year 2009 or prior were saved in tax data files with the extension qyy, where yy represents the last two digits of the tax year. For example, for tax year 2008, the tax data file extension is q08.

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