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What information is transferred from my previous TurboTax return?

SOLVEDby TurboTax46Updated May 06, 2022

You can carry forward donations, RRSP contributions, education amounts, and many other amounts to a future tax year, as well as expenses or credits that you're unable to use in the current tax year.

If you used TurboTax to complete your return last year and had amounts to carry forward, those amounts are automatically transferred to the right spots your current year's return.

  • Your personal information (like your address and date of birth)
  • Charitable donations and gifts (Schedule 9)
  • RRSP contributions
  • Contributions you made to your spouse’s RRSPs (spouse’s T2205)
  • Tuition and education amounts (Schedule 11)
  • Student loan interest, Québec Prescription Drug Insurance (Schedule 1)
  • Moving expenses, GST 370 rebate (T1 General)
  • Employment expenses
  • Capital cost allowance (CCA) closing balance
  • Business-use-of-home expenses (T777 and other business forms)
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (T691)
  • Cost of acquiring labour-sponsored shares (LSVCC)
  • Home Buyers' Plan repayment (HBP)
  • Lifelong Learning Plan repayment (LLP)
  • Capital gains deduction (T657)
  • Plan premiums, allowable credit of charitable donations and gifts
  • Cumulative net investment loss (T936)
  • Loss carryback request
  • Losses
  • Federal non-refundable tax credits
  • Unclaimed medical expenses (unless they fall within the 12-month claim period that ends in the tax year. In this case, don't enter them on this year's return. Instead, save them and enter them on next year's return)
  • Federal or provincial tuition amounts transferred from a child, spouse, or common-law partner. However, the child can carry forward these amounts and claim them in a future year

TurboTax also pre-populates your tax profile with last year’s answers to save you time. You just need to make updates to reflect any changes in your life year-over-year.

You can use the carry forwards worksheet to see some of the amounts that were transferred from your prior-year return.

To find the carry forwards worksheet in TurboTax CD/Download:

  1. If you’re in EasyStep mode, select Forms from the menu
  2. Once in Forms view, select the Forms at the bottom of your screen and then select Form Lookup…
  3. Enter carry into the search field
  4. Select CFP to see your Carry Forwards worksheet. If you live in Québec, select QCFP to see your provincial Carry Forwards worksheet

Note: Carry forward amounts on the T1005 (Manitoba only) must be entered manually.

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