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What is NETFILE?

SOLVEDby TurboTax25Updated January 12, 2022

NETFILE is the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) service for submitting your federal tax return online (instead of printing and filing by mail). The service is only available through NETFILE-certified software such as TurboTax.

All TurboTax editions include the option to file your federal tax return using NETFILE. If you want to submit your return online, you can choose the NETFILE option and TurboTax will submit your return to the Canada Revenue Agency for you.

  • Secure and confidential
  • Immediate confirmation that the CRA has received your tax return
  • Faster refunds (with direct deposit, refunds usually arrive in as little as eight business days)
  • Greater accuracy (CRA does not have to re-key information from a paper copy, so there's a smaller chance of errors)
  • You don’t need to send in your receipts when you file; only send receipts by mail if CRA asks for the receipts later

NETFILE isn't for everyone, and it's not for all tax situations.

You can't use NETFILE if:

  • Your social insurance number (SIN) or individual tax number (ITN) starts with 09
  • You're a non-resident or emigrant of Canada
  • Your address is outside Canada
  • You filed for bankruptcy in the current or previous calendar year (doesn't include a proposal for bankruptcy)

For a comprehensive list of NETFILE restrictions, please review the CRA resource on NETFILE eligibility.

Note: The CRA’s NETFILE service accepts tax returns for the past four years. You can use TurboTax to NETFILE your returns for tax years 2018 and beyond during the 2021 tax season. Returns for tax years prior to 2018 must be printed and mailed to CRA: T1 return contact.

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