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In the online edition of TurboTax Free, how do I submit my tax return to the CRA using NETFILE?

SOLVEDby TurboTax676Updated 2 weeks ago

The CRA’s NETFILE service accepts tax returns for the past four years. You can use TurboTax to NETFILE your returns for tax years 2018 and beyond during the 2021 tax season. Returns for prior years must be printed and mailed to the CRA.

Once you've completed the My Info section in TurboTax Online, the File section will become enabled and you can use the following steps to NETFILE:

  1. Select File from the menu, then CRA Online Mail
  2. Select Start next to Review your order
  3. Verify your personal info, then select Continue
  4. Select Register on the Secure checkout screen
  5. Verify your order and select Continue
  6. You'll be brought back to the initial screen. Select Start next to File your return
  7. Select one of the CRA online mail options, then Continue
  8. Select NETFILE CRA
  9. Run the review before filing if you haven't done so already
  10. On the Verification of personal information screen, select Yes, I certify
  11.  Review your numbers and select Continue
  12. If you have a tax balance due, respond to the questions on when and how you intend to pay it, then select Continue
  13. On the Filing Hub screen, select NETFILE CRA
  14. On the CRA Netfile Info screen, you can add your NAC for additional security
  15. Review the CRA Netfile warning, if any
  16. Review and acknowledge the CRA's NETFILE terms and conditions
  17. TurboTax then submits your return to the CRA for you. You'll receive a notification on whether or not your submission was successful. If it was successful, you'll see a 6-digit confirmation code. Keep this in your records
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