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Where do I report capital gains or losses in TurboTax Online?

SOLVEDby TurboTax172Updated February 03, 2022

Simply select the scenario below that best suits your need and follow the steps. Remember, if you have more than one T5008 slip, just add the total of all slips and enter that amount in the appropriate field.

Note: Losses that you report this year won't appear on your tax return. You can see these losses on your Notice of Assessment (NOA) that you receive each year in the mail after filing your return. You can also view your NOA online via your CRA My Account.

  1. Select Find from the menu
  2. Enter the name of your T-slip, such as T5008
  3. Select the name of your T-slip from the list of results, then Go
  4. Enter the amount on the slip directly onto the TurboTax screen dedicated to that slip

Before you begin, be sure to determine the type of your capital property, and calculate your proceeds of disposition and adjusted cost base.

  1. Select Find from the menu and enter capital gains
  2. Select Capital Gains and Capital Gains Deduction Profile from the search results, then Go
  3. On the Your Capital Gains Profile screen, follow the instructions to report your gains or losses
  1. Select Find from the menu and enter bottom line
  2. Select Bottom Line (Tax Summaries) from the search results, then Go
  3. On the Let’s Review Your Numbers screen, select Detailed Tax Summary

Gains are listed on the line for Taxable capital gains. For more information about this line, visit the CRA's Line 12700 - Taxable capital gains page.

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