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In TurboTax Online, how do I use Auto-fill my return?

SOLVEDby TurboTax1024Updated March 04, 2022

The CRA’s Auto-fill my return service for the 2021 tax year is now open. If you’d like to use Auto-fill to automatically complete part of your tax return, you first need to be registered for a CRA My Account. You don't have to use Auto-fill to complete your tax return.

Note: Not all slips are available in My Account when Auto-fill my return opens for the tax season.

To use the CRA's Auto-fill my return service in TurboTax Online:

  1. Select Find (or the magnifying glass icon) from the TurboTax menu
  2. In the Find window, enter Auto-fill
  3. From the list of search results, select Auto-fill My Return, then select Go
  4. On the Automatically fill in part of your return step, select Continue
  5. On the Let’s import your info step, select Sign in to CRA
  6. Follow the steps to download your slips and other information

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