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Why did I have to upgrade my TurboTax Online edition?

SOLVEDby TurboTax13Updated 2 weeks ago

TurboTax is taking extra steps to ensure you have access to the right tools and support specific to your tax needs.

When starting a new return, TurboTax will ask questions about your current tax situation. Based on your return's complexity, you could be directed to a different edition of TurboTax that has all the applicable forms. The product you used in prior years may no longer be available to you as it’s not the most effective solution for your needs.

Don’t worry—if you get started in TurboTax and need to upgrade, the information you already entered will be transferred over. To find out which income, credits, and deductions are included in each edition of TurboTax Online, visit our online tax software page.

For spousal returns, you and your spouse will both be charged the same amount based on the more complicated tax situation.

Note: Some deductions (such as medical expenses, donations, or moving expenses) only impact your refund or tax owing in certain conditions, like if your income is below a certain level. To get you the best outcome, you need to enter all your tax information into TurboTax, which sometimes requires an upgrade.

Similarly, you may be upgraded to help claim expenses you’re entitled to, but might not know about. TurboTax guarantees that you’ll get your maximum refund or pay the lowest taxes owed.

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