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How much can I claim for child care expenses?

The annual childcare expense amount maximum is determined by the child's age and physical and mental condition.

For tax year 2015 and later, the annual maximum for a child who does not qualify for the disability tax credit is:

  • Children born in 2013 or later: $8,000 per eligible child
  • Children born in 2003 to 2012: $5,000 per eligible child
  • Children born in 2002 or earlier and with a physical or mental infirmity but who do not qualify for the disability tax credit: $5,000 per eligible child

For a child who qualifies for the disability tax credit, the annual maximum is:

  • $13,220 for a child of any age

Québec offers an additional tax credit for child care expenses if you meet requirements for claiming the tax credit. This is a refundable tax credit that is calculated by multiplying the value of your eligible expenses by the tax credit rate that corresponds to your family income.

The maximum amounts you can claim are:

  • For children with a severe and prolonged impairment in mental or physical functions born in 2013 or later: $13,220 per child
  • For other children, who were born in 2013 or later: $9,660 per child
  • For other children, who were born between 2003 and 2012, or who have a disability: $5,085

Note: Quebec is now returning to the single rate for subsidized daycares. Parents will pay $8.25 per day and will not have to pay the additional contribution. This is retroactive to January 1, 2019, meaning parents will not have to pay additional contributions when they complete their 2019 tax return.

For more information on child care expenses that qualify for the tax credit, please visit the Revenu Québec website. You can also find a list of child care expenses that do not qualify for the tax credit on their site.

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