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How do I print a copy of my tax return in TurboTax?

SOLVEDby TurboTax242Updated January 30, 2024

When you print a copy of your return, we include everything that was sent to the government, plus extra documentation and calculation worksheets.

However, the printout won't include copies of the entry forms you got in the mail, such as T-slips or Releves. If you need copies of those, contact whoever issued them originally.

To print your return

TurboTax Online

The option to print a tax return becomes visible only after you pay for that specific return. After paying, the FILE menu lists the available print options. 

For tax year 2023, TurboTax’s print feature becomes available when NETFILE opens.

To print a copy of your current tax return, complete the following steps:

  1. In the menu, select FILE, then select Print Your Tax Return.
  2. On the screen that appears, select the link to download a PDF copy of your return.
  3. Select the printer icon from the menu to open the print window, and then after making any adjustments in the window, select Print.

You can also print directly from a saved PDF of your return by double-clicking the PDF to open it and then following the instructions in step 4.

TurboTax Desktop

For tax year 2023, TurboTax’s print feature becomes available when NETFILE opens on February 19, 2024. To print a copy of your return after that date, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Find (or the magnifying glass icon) from the menu.
  2. In the Find window, enter NETFILE.
  3. Select NETFILE or Print from the options that appear, then select Go.
  4. On the Save a copy of your return for your records step, select the box for Federal tax return, then select the option for Print for Your Records.
  5. On the Print For Records step, select Print.
  6. Follow the prompts to print your return.
TurboTax Mobile
  • iOS native and Safari – Use AirPrint. After you finish reviewing your return, select the option to download or print to generate a PDF.  From the PDF, tap the icon for print options. When you select Print, you will be able to print if AirPrint is set up on your device. More AirPrint help.
  • iOS Chrome – You’ll get an error message, and you’ll have to choose one of the other mobile browsers.

You can print with Android if you have a cloud print plug-in on your device or an ePrint-enabled device. Printing is done through a third-party app, and a notice will appear before you can print.

Sign in to TurboTax for the relevant tax year using one of the following links:

After signing in, TurboTax lists all your tax returns. If you aren't on this screen, select My Returns from the menu, then select View all tax returns.

On the screen that lists all the returns, select Continue next to the one you want to print. TurboTax displays the screen where you last left off.

  • You might be in the wrong account. Use our account recovery tool to see if you have other accounts.
  • You might not have filed your taxes yet. You’ll need to pay for and file your return to print a copy of it.

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