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What is attendant care and what can I claim in TurboTax?

If you or a dependent are receiving attendant care or care in a facility, you may be eligible to claim a portion of those costs. The CRA has outlined a few guidelines to explain eligibility, both for an individual receiving care and for their attendant.

  • Providers are not your spouse or a common-law partner
  • Providers were 18 years of age or older when they received money for their services

A dependent is a person who depends on another for support. These individuals can include:

  • Your or your spouse’s or common law partner’s child or grandchild
  • Your or your spouse’s or common law partner’s parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews or nieces who lived in Canada at any time of the year

You, your spouse or common law partner can claim medical expenses paid to an attendant or in-facility for care given.

If you have a dependant who is receiving full-time or specialized care, you can claim the entire amount paid to:

  • Nursing homes that provide full-time care
  • Schools, institutions or other facilities providing care or care and training

Care is considered care to be full-time when the recipient requires constant care and attendance. Other facilities and care services may also include outpatient clinics including detox and other treatment organizations. Recreational, summer camps and other facilities, even if providing services to those with disabilities, are not included in the list.

In general, you may be able to claim as medical expenses the remuneration for those who provide the following services:

  • Food prep
  • Housekeeping for a resident’s personal living area
  • Laundry services for personal items
  • Healthcare provided by registered nurses, practical nurses, certified healthcare workers and personal support workers
  • Social activities programmers
  • Salon services that are included in nursing home fees
  • Personal drivers
  • Security

For those receiving in-home attendant care, claims may only be made for the period spent at home. For any of these expenses at home to qualify, the claimant must have a disability tax credit credit certificate from CRA or written certification from a medical practitioner as to the necessity of the service provision to the care recipient.

For more information and a detailed list and explanation of qualifications for attendant and care in facility medical expenses, please visit the Attendant Care page at the CRA.

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