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I netfiled my return and my wife's return wasn't excepted by CRA and now I can't get back to check her files for errors

I prepared both my wife's  tax return and mine together  however when I went to Netfile, mine went thru immediately but my wife's return couldn't  be filed after 2 attempts   now I cant get back into her file the look for errors or even get back to the area that will allow me to print and file the return by mail or to try and netfile hers again


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CRA and other Govt systems are currently down and you are unable to NetFile or use the AutoFill and MyAccount services.

Once CRA's electronic services are fully operational, the banner message on the FIle screen in TurboTax Online will be removed. We strongly suggest that you do not attempt to submit your return again until the notification banner is removed.

Updates will also be posted on our  FaceBook and Twitter feeds. 

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