Ok, I've at least found where the error is happeni...
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Ok, I've at least found where the error is happening.

There's an inline script in the main document, a function called search_index.

When called, it tries to set a variable, topicList, from an element on the page with an ID of selectTopicList

var topicList = document.getElementById('selectTopicList');

Now there's no element on the page with that ID, so it obviously returns null.

Next is a simple null check, and the alert:

if (topicList === null) {
    alert('selectTopicList not found');

So there we have it, behaving exactly as you'd expect from the code.

Judging from the code, selectTopicList is supposed to be an HTML select, with references to selectedIndex and options properties. At a guess, it's supposed to appear and populate based on the text entered into the search box. As for why it's not appearing, I have no idea without better access to the source. First thought was if there was an extension or something removing it. That was ruled out by checking in other browsers.

Hopefully this gives you enough info to pass on to your dev team that they should be able to make some sort of sense of it.

Thanks again.