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Bugs when importing CRA info: wrong data, prov and fed info mixed, cannot correct manually-it does not save changes. On doing a 2nd return, it imported 1st data from CRA

When tried doing second tax return, despite entering cra username and password for second person, it imported tax info from the first return! when will the bugs be corrected? This is a huge waste of my time!

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Importing your data

Thank you for your question.

Please try clearing your web browser's History, including the Cache and Cookies. https://turbotax.community.intuit.ca/questions/1189993-i-am-supposed-to-clear-my-cache-how-do-i-do-t...

If this does not resolve the issue, kindly contact TurboTax Support and an agent will be glad to assist you. To get a direct line to someone who can help, click the following link to the Contact Us page. Then complete the required information. A phone number will appear, along with your incident ID. Call the number. This will ensure that an appropriate agent is assigned to your query:

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