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T2125 Partnership - Do I put all of the income on each partner's return (2 partners) or divide by 2 and then put that on each one?


I am wondering whether I should put the total income (and expenses) on EACH partner's T2125 form (2 partners, each owning 50%-50% of partnership) or if I should put the total income/expenses/etc on the form for each partner?

This is our first year filing for the partnership as it was just created in 2014.

Example: Let's say we made $1000 total this year in the partnership. Do I put $500 on my T2125 and $500 on my other partner's? Or $1000 on each T2125 as the income/sales?

Also, let's say I spent $500 on office supplies with the company. Do I put $250 on each expense return? Or $500?