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Why do I have a social benefits (EI) repayment showing on line 235 when I haven't worked in 8 years?

How do I remove this from your program as it is obviously wrong
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Social benefit repayment (line 235) isn't correlated with not working for 8 years. There are two instances where line 235 shows up:

A ) if you receive Old Age pension (reported on T4A-OAS)


B) if you receive employment insurance benefit (T4-E)

See this link if you received T4A-OAS. 

See this link if you received T4-E.

If your situation falls under any of the two categories above, line 235 will be generated. It is a calculated field so do not remove it. Contact us if none of the two situations apply & you still see line 235.

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Good afternoon,

Thank you for your question. Verify that you have not entered a T5007 under the income section of your return.

If that is not the problem, please contact us. Please call us by clicking the following link to the Contact Us page. Then complete the required information. A phone number will appear, along with your incident ID. Call the number. This will ensure that an appropriate agent is assigned to your query: