It would be claimed on Schedule 4 of your return. ...

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It would be claimed on Schedule 4 of your return. Applied to a receipt entered into the Turbo Tax software.

Where to enter in this receipt with your online version is as follows:

Question section firstly to 2nd page - 

  • YES to did you have income from investments such as interest earned on investments, the sale of stocks or stock options, the sale of real property, income from rental property or other related investment expenses?
  • YES Did you have investment expenses?
  • CHECK - I paid interest expenses
  • Income Tab - Drop down to Investment Expenses
  • CHECK - Interest paid to earn interest, dividend and royalty income
  • CONTINUE and enter in your amount in the next screen.      

For those users that may be using the downloaded version, here is how to get to it through Easy Step

Profile question section:

In FormsView

  • On the bottom of the page click on Tslips from there you will find  in Receipts -  "Interest Exp.", this is where you enter in your amount and it is automatically brought over to Schedule 4 - line 25 & 27.

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