Schedule 11 for the first return (Unused federal a...
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Schedule 11 for the first return (Unused federal and province credit - tuition fee)

Hello, it is my the first tax return and I have a question on Schedule 11.

I was a college student in 2016, but I didn't do a tax return for the year. I would like to claim the tuition fee I spent in 2016; unused federal and province amount, where can I find the Schedule 11? Please help me out.

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If you have not filed a tax return for 2016 (when you paid for the tuition), that return must be filed first. Unused amounts from that return will be entered on your 2017 return but the Canada Revenue Agency must assign those credits as unused before you can apply them to future years.

If you would like to use TurboTax Free to file your 2016 return, start here:

In the Your Taxes section of your 2016 return, search the keyword Tuition to record these amounts. Once you have completed your 2016 return, then you may apply the unused amounts from the schedule 11 (found in the PDF of your 2016 return) to your 2017 return.

In your 2017 return, use the Find button to locate/select the option for "tuition fees carryforward".

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