Error message: 'You've entered tax deducted on a s...
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Error message: 'You've entered tax deducted on a slip but have not reported any income.' What should I do? I am a postdoctoral fellow with scholarship, which is taxable.

This error does not let me send CRA netfile.

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We will need to ask you for more information in order to assist you further. Can you please contact us by private message on either Facebook or Twitter.


Here is some great information - 

Scholarship Exemption for Full-Time Students

Students who enroll full-time and are entitled to the tuition deduction are not required to claim scholarship money as taxable income, except when related to employers and businesses.

The following qualify for the scholarship exemption and are considered non-taxable:

  • scholarships
  • awards
  • bursaries
  • fellowships

The scholarship exemption only applies when it is directly related to the full-time program in which the student is enrolled. The program length, conditions and terms of the scholarship, and the length of time of the financial award are considered when deciding whether a scholarship is tax-exempt.



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I am having the same issue too, please how can I overcome this issue? I was given a T4A slip and not a T4 slip.