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Unable to print without the 'duplicate' watermark in Home & Business 2018 version

I have TurboTax Home & Business 2018 and it does not allow me to print a copy of my return without the 'Duplicate Do Not Send By Mail' watermark.

In previous versions, when printing using File > Print > Print Form, it would allow you to print without the watermark but in the 2018 version this is not working.  I've tried printing it from 'Easy Step', Print > Print Form, and Print > Print Return but all options include the watermark.

Unless things have changed in the 2018 version and there is another method to print the return without the watermark, please identify this as a bug so it can be resolved.

Thank you.

UPDATE:  I called TurboTax Support and long story short, there is NO way to print a copy of your taxes WITHOUT the watermark AFTER you've Netfiled.  (According to the CSR, people were apparently Netfiling and then sending in printed copies - which sort of boggles the mind why someone would do that).

WORKAROUND:  Once you complete your taxes and BEFORE YOU NETFILE them, print a PDF without the watermark and then Netfile them.   Note, once you print a PDF, it will count the return towards the number allowed with your purchase but that wont matter as you are going to Netfile it anyways.