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After you file

Hi TurbotaxKim,


I have the same situation, I refiled mine using the free online TurboTax and my spouse did not need any amendment, his balance remained the same, mine changed.

My refile was successful, and since TurboTax recommended both returns to be refiled, I tried to refile my spouse's return, and I got the below error message - And there is no reason for it to be excluded, I checked the list of exclusions, and I tried four times.

Any thoughts?


We're sorry, the Canada Revenue Agency was unable to accept your NETFILE tax return.

Message from the CRA:

The Canada Revenue Agency cannot process this ReFILE submission as it appears that the submitted changes to the return cannot be requested using the ReFILE service.


Please visit the list of exclusions on the ReFILE website. ReFILE


You have 2 options:
 Recommended - Try NETFILE again in a few minutes.
Please note: You only have 5 attempts to NETFILE your return before the CRA will lock you out.
If the problem persists, please contact TurboTax Customer Support for assistance.
• Print and mail your return to the CRA.