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Why aren't my RRSP contributions appearing on my tax return?

Your RRSP contributions can be found in your RRSP summary.

  1. Select the Find tool in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  2. In the search field:
    • For the online edition of TurboTax, type "RRSP summary."
    • For the CD/download edition, type "RRSP/PRPP summary."
  3. Select the phrase you typed from the list of search results and then select Go.

All the RRSP contributions you report are summarized in your TurboTax account, but they don't necessarily show up on your detailed tax summary. Here are some of the most common reasons why:

You haven't entered your deduction limit. In order to calculate your RRSP deduction properly, TurboTax needs to know your deduction limit for the tax year. If you've entered your RRSP contributions but have not entered your deduction limit, TurboTax will not be able to calculate your deduction properly.

They're calculating as repayments. If you designate your RRSP contributions as repayment of a Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) or Home Buyers' Plan (HBP), they will be calculated on your return as repayments, not contributions.

You've entered an amount over your limit. Since the CRA does not allow RRSP contributions over your contribution limit, TurboTax will not calculate your deduction if you enter contributions that are over your limit.

You don't need your contribution this year. If your RRSP contributions are not needed this year to reduce your taxable income (and therefore taxes owing), TurboTax allows you to transfer them to a future year. In this case, your contributions are seen by TurboTax as unused contributions, which can be deducted in a future year when there is an opportunity to use them. You can review these details on Schedule 7 of the PDF copy of your return.

You've indicated you want to carry your contributions to a future year rather than claim the deduction this year.

They're on your spouse/partner's return. If you purchased or indicated that you purchased spousal RRSPs, the deduction will be calculated on your spouse's return, not on yours. You can review these details on Schedule 7 of the PDF copy of your spouse's/partner's return.

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