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How do I claim my tuition fees?

Enter your tuition and education information in the DEDUCTIONS > Students step of TurboTax.

Note: For 2017 and later tax years, the federal education and textbook amounts have been eliminated. However, if you had unused federal tuition, education and textbook amounts from prior years, you can still carry them forward to your 2017 and future returns.

For tax year 2016 and prior years:

The education and textbook credit is calculated based on the number full-time months or part-time months you were in school, as reported on your T2202A or TL11 slips. Therefore, when you entered your T2202A or TL11 slips to claim the tuition amount, TurboTax also automatically claimed the education and textbook credit.

To claim your tuition fees:

1. Select Find in the top-right corner of your screen and type “student” into the search field.

2. Select Students from the options that appear, and then select Go.

3. On the Student Profile step, check the box for Tuition Fees, as well as any others that apply, and then select Continue.

4. Follow the instructions on your screen to enter your information.


If you have tuition amounts in a different currency (for example, USD), visit our TurboTax FAQ on claiming tuition to schools outside Canada.



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