Getting started

I'm sorry that your experience was less than stellar.  Yes, you can designate more than your required minimum payment.  First, click on Find in the top right-hand corner, type RRSP profile, select it and click Go.  Put a checkmark next to, "Made RRSP contributions during 2018 or the first 60 days of 2019" and click on Continue.  Enter your RRSP deduction limit and click on Continue.  Next click on Find again and type in home buyers plan, select it and click Continue.  Put a checkmark next to, "Designate an amount as a Home Buyers' Plan repayment" and click on Continue.  Enter your remaining balance, enter your minimum required payment, and enter how much you would like to designate.  As long as you have made enough contributions to claim a higher repayment rate, you should not have any issues.