Getting started

@ron28 Are you using TurboTax CD/Download? If so, you need to be in Forms mode for CTRL F to work. You can get there by clicking on the Forms icon in the blue icon bar.


If you are using TurboTax Online, there is no way to edit the actually forms directly. You can see the forms by viewing the PDF, and using the search/find feature in your PDF reader to find the one you want to see.


You can get the PDF by opening up your return, clicking on the “Find” icon in the top right and searching for “CRA”. Select “CRA Online Mail” from the list, then click the “Go” button. Continue from this point to get to the Filing Hub.  Don’t click on the “Print & Mail Your Return(s)” button (unless you want to mail your return instead of using NETFILE). Instead, click the Continue button at the bottom right. This will bring you to a page where you can download a copy of your full tax return(s).

You may need to go through the review before you can get the PDF, if you haven’t already done so.