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Last year's information did not fully upload into 2018 Turbotax Premier. Got addresses, etc. but do not have the year-over-year comparison numbers for 2017. Please help

How can I get the 2017 year-over-year comparison numbers into my 2018 Turbotax file?  One of the primary reasons that I use Turbotax is for this continuity.


Importing your data

If you are in TurboTax CD/Download EasyStep Mode, scroll to the bottom of the Detailed Tax Summary and click on the link for the year over year comparison.

If you are in TurboTax CD/Download Forms Mode, on the DSUM - Detailed Tax Summary page you can toggle between 2017 and your spouse (if you have one) by clicking on one of the boxes on top of the second column.

If your info didn’t transfer properly, start a new return and try the transfer again. Make sure the 2017 file you are using is complete and has all the information needed.

If you are still unable to resolve this issue, please contact our phone support as they will be better able to assist you: https://turbotax.community.intuit.ca/replies/3152013