I do not see box 210 at the bottom of the screen.


The T5013 that is on CRA website was downloaded...and TurboTax did NOTHING with it.  Ignored.  Very disappointed.


Please help to identify what to do with boxes on this slip

10 Total limited partner's business income (loss),

20 Total business income (loss)

30 total capital gains (losses)

40 capital cost allowance

113 Return of capital

128 Interest from Canadian Sources

132 Actual amount of eligible divs

133 Taxable amount of eligible divs

134 Div tax credit

135 - AUS - Foreign dividend and interest income

146 - Other investment Income

147 - type of investment income "foreign accrual property"

151  - capital gains (losses)  ** it has the same value as box 30

171 - UDA - Foreign tax paid on non business income 

210 Total carrying charges