CRA rejecting NETFILE for a reason that has alread...
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CRA rejecting NETFILE for a reason that has already been fixed

Here is the error:
 #491 - You made a claim for a spouse or common-law partner amount on line 303 of Schedule 1 and/or, if applicable, on line 5812 of provincial or territorial Form 428. Please enter in the Identification area on page 1 of your return your spouse's or common-law partner's net income and, if applicable, the amount of Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) income and/or UCCB repayment used in calculating his or her net income. If you are a newcomer to Canada, please enter your spouse or common-law partner's net income while you were living in Canada and while you were living outside of Canada. If your spouse's or common-law partner's net income is nil, indicate this on your return as instructed by your software.Your tax return has not been accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency. It contains errors that must be corrected. Please review the following error(s), make the necessary corrections, and try resubmitting your return. For forms or additional information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website and the Corrections page on the NETFILE website. For further assistance, please contact us.
The information requested exists in the PDF document. I confirmed with CRA that the form is filled correctly. I cleared my cache, and then I phoned in and was told to clear my cache again (which I did, and still didn't resolve the issue), and then that a supervisor would call me back. It's been two days and that hasn't happened yet.

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