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How to autofill spouse from cra

I follow the process of starting the Import tax data process of TurboTax Premier connecting me to the regular CRA My account login. I can only access my wife's data thru Represent a Client. So I go that route getting to the point where it asks for my wife's SIN (I have access to several members of my family this way). When I type in my wife's SIN, the CRA website ignores Turbotax and goes right to the screen showing all my wife's CRA data. And Turbotax is stuck waiting for the data. There does not seem to be any way for TurboTax to get CRA to send my wife's data to my computer.

My wife has no password to access her data right now so I have to go thru Represent a Client.

I am now suspecting that TurboTax cannot import data thru Represent a Client.

How am I supposed to do this? Or will I have to manually enter her data?