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If you are working as a self employed courier for Instacart (Maple Bear Inc.), you can deduct all of your expenses related to your work (Auto Expenses, Meals, Accounting Software). If you are already making less than $30,000.00 before deductions, you will likely not pay too much in income taxes! Make sure to keep all of your receipts, as well as keep track of your KM’s you use for work!


If you are not making $30,000.00, and you are not already a GST registrant, you are not required to collect GST. However, it is more beneficial to be a GST registrant so you can claim back all the GST you spend on business related expenses (ITC’s).


If you are a GST registrant, you can provide your number to Instacart (Maple Bear Inc.) and they will automatically add the GST into your courier fees.



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