Level 3

self employed not working properly! don't anyone file using it yet... its causing wrong calculations.

The online self employeed seems messed up! When you guys released the 2021 software in Dec I went on and started to migrate my previous returns. Then I filled out my returns to where I was at as of the last day of Nov. Now yesterday when I started to fill in the final numbers for my revenue, vehicle maintenance, kms driven etc it all doesn't seem to be calculating correctly! For example, I entered my maintenance cost for the year and then i wanted to see how much that made a difference... well it actually caused my refund to become LESS! which is completely the opposite of what should have happened? I should have had 15-30% refund on the 4k I spent on my vehicle maintenance (food delivery driver), but it didn't do that, it actually took $ from me and decreased the refund. Then I added in my final Km's (remember we get CCA for vehicle depreciation) well, it didn't go up at all like it should have, but instead went down even more!! THESE ARE THINGS THAT ARE SUPPOSE TO GO TOWARDS INCREASING A REFUND, NOT MAKING US OWE THE GOV MONEY! THIS IS LOST REVENUE... NOT AN INCREASE IN REVENUE... PLEASE FIX THE SOFTWARE! after seeing this I didn't even bother filling in my final revenue for the  year as its just gonna be messed up now anyhow. FIX THIS PLEASE SO I DON'T HAVE TO START USING AN ACCOUNTANT INSTEAD.