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What should I do if I receive a fraudulent phishing email, or land on a fake website?

SOLVEDby TurboTax5Updated February 04, 2022

If you think someone—posing as Intuit—is making fraudulent attempts to gain personal information from you, we'd like to know.

Simply visit security.intuit.com to obtain Intuit Canada's contact information, and report any issues you may have.

All Intuit products offer some form of technical support. View the contact information for all Intuit products.

If a third party asks you to pay for technical support, first, make sure to contact a legitimate Intuit support number. View the contact information for all Intuit products. We'll make sure you get to speak with the right people.

Phishing emails are usually unexpected, unsolicited, yet appear legitimate. Every day, scam artists, fraudsters and criminals try to gain access to our personal information to compromise our bank accounts, financial resources, or even to steal our identities. Don't let them!

Knowledge is key. So be aware that legitimate companies have policies in place that protect customers' personal information. They rarely ask for personal information via email.

So, if you're not confident an email is legit, do not take either of the following actions:

  1. Provide personal information in an email, like:
    • credit card numbers
    • online banking passwords
    • other personal identifying facts (for example, dates of birth, telephone numbers)
  2. Select links embedded in the email, or open any attachments.

If you're unsure whether an email is authentic, reach out to the company that appears to have sent it, in a separate email, to verify the message:

  • Check the company's official website
  • Obtain contact information (for example, email address/telephone number)
  • Communicate with the company to determine if the email is valid

Over the past several years, the number of fraudulent websites spoofing Intuit sites purporting to offer Intuit products and services for "discount prices" has increased. Some of these imposter sites offer Intuit products and technical support via remote access. Unfortunately, customers have paid hundreds of dollars to fraudulent companies who just want to gain access to your computer to steal your personal information.

Please do not be fooled by these criminals. They are in no way affiliated with Intuit. Their programs and services are not endorsed or approved by Intuit in any manner. If you find a third party company offering paid product support for Intuit products, it's most likely a scam.

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