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New Member

Extra money added to total income that should not be there

I have a T4A slip for some commissions I did for a company. The sum is listed in box 48, "fees for services" in the T4A and "Other Income," box O for Releve 1. This sum is about $675.


I also added some other commission income in "other business" in the self-employment section, which was about $623. 

Both of the sums amounts to about $1200. In the Federal tax summary this is correctly listed all in "self-employment" but in the provincial summary, there is the same sum in self-employment, with an extra $675 listed in "other income," which pushes my total upwards incorrectly. I don't know how to remove the extra $675 from "other income" while retaining the correct sum in the "self-employment" section. If I remove the T4A it would make an error both in the provincial and the federal sum.


What can I do to solve this? Thanks

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Extra money added to total income that should not be there

You will not need to report the RL1 Box O again in the provincial side. 

When you open a self-employment sheet T2125 you will choose the province QC and report the slips in the business sheet so you don't have to report the RL1 Box O again > this is why your income is doubled in the provincial side. 


I hope this was helpful