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Both spouses work from home. How to enter employment/work from home expenses?

My spouse and I both work from home (not covid related) for the same company but different roles. I have been in the role for 4 years and he just started April 2021. So prior I would get my t2200 and enter my employment expenses and state 5 room house and 1 room used as my sole office. Now that he works from home as well (he has his own separate office) I am not sure how to do the expenses. I am salary and he is 100% commission so I know he can also claim home insurance and property tax and I cannot. But when it comes to internet, heat, water and electricity I am not sure if we both claim these amounts (him from April -dec of course) or if only one can claim. The CRA website claims spouses can split rent or one can claim but we do not rent so I am more focused on the employment work from home expenses. We do not want to do the general simple method as detailed would get us a larger return. 


Can anyone advise? who claims the heat, electric, internet etc?

Note-we both get t2200's


Thank you

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Both spouses work from home. How to enter employment/work from home expenses?

Yes, you can both claim utilities & internet as work from home expenses. Even if you both work in the same room, you are both still using those resources to earn your employment income. If your husband doesn’t have a dedicated space, or you two are now sharing your office, you can choose “Common Space” when TurboTax asks what kind of workspace you have. Then, the software will come up with a percentage of the expenses based on not just use the number of rooms in your home, but also the number of hours you/your husband worked.


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