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How do I import my stock transactions from Quicken 2016 into TurboTax using a .TXF file?

Quicken 2016 will export capital gain/loss transactions to a .TXF file.  A two-year old post says that TT then lacked the ability to import.  A 2018 answer says that TT can.  However, I do not see "Import from accounting software" in the file drop-down menu.  I can only see "import data from CRA" and "ATR import".

I have imported something like 500 T5008s, one for each transaction in 2018, from the CRA, but they are undated, lack brokerage names and ACB, so it will be exceedingly time consuming to match them up with my transaction statements and then manual edit each one in TT (which is not the point of using a computer).