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to break it down


For RL-1:

when you choose T4 and RL-1, you will be able to fill both slips from the same company together.

for the T4 from employment: 

- Choose QC Box 10 --> this will open the letter Boxes 

-  Fill T4 and RL-1 in the same slip

- Box 22 should be entered from the T4

- Box E should be entered from the RL-1

- Don't forget your Box 56 which is the same as Box I



For your T4A from QC while you are not a QC resident:

- You will need to fill a T4A slip with all boxes as you have received it including Box 22 as is.

- For RL-2 you need to create another T4 instead of RL-2 because TurboTax online doesn't offer RL-2 for none QC residence.

- In this new T4 that will replace your RL-2, put QC for the province in your Box 10.

- This will open new Boxes that have letters instead of numbers.

- Use only Box E to fill the taxes paid in the RL-2, and don't fill any other Boxes.


I hope this clarifies it