Re: The T5008 and T5 you were issued may relate to...


T5 and T5008 are separate slips. If they don't include the proper information, then the issuer of these slip should amend them, but you should not manually change any values on these slips unless you are filling missing boxes:


- Fill T5 slip as is: this slip should include, foreign income, capital gain values, and dividends:

  • If Box 15 has a value, it could be a foreign dividend or a foreign interest --> you need to confirm with your financial broker
  • You will need to fill Box 16 for the foreign tax deducted associated with Box 15 (some taxpayer pay $0.00).
  • Capital gain is reported in Box 18 and it should be different from T5008 because you should not be taxed twice. 


- T5008: Box 21 has the sale value of the stocks as a capital gain or has an investment. You will need to fill Box 20 with the cost value manually if the slip sent to CRA doesn't have this value already filled. 

  • You should have $10,000 in Box 21, and Box $ 8000
  • This should give you a cap-gain of $2000
  • This does not include the income you made throughout the year from any dividends you made from these stocks which will be reported in the T5

I hope this was helpful



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