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frustrating!! all cuz of the vehicle section

With  CCA  only if you owe taxes should you claim it?  it's not gonna help to increase a refund amount if you dont owe? I noticed if I claim it my refund goes down, but if I don't my refund increases. As well I was gonna file using the online software but the refund stayed at 225 and I thought maybe something was wrong, so I went and bought the CD and now its got different set up for "vehicle expenses" it doesn't have the car in that area for CCA its further along, and one section has an area I don't know what to put. The CD doesn't automatically calculate the CCA like the online version does. Please try to change that. Also to get to the vehicle section on the CD you gotta go into "fixed assets" but on the online its in the "vehicle related expenses" section. As well, the Cd asks for TOTAL cost for vehicle, but the online wants before taxes?Should I select my vehicle that was bought brand new last Feb to be "Accelerated investment income"? I do food delivery! And should it be the total BEFORE taxes like the online version? If I don't enter a fixed asset(my vehicle) my refund is higher? Why? DO I HAVE TO ENTER IT??

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frustrating!! all cuz of the vehicle section

I think I found my answer on this page. The first year you can claim 30% using the Accelerated investment incentive? Hope this post helps someone else.